• Job hunting

    Ideal for job hunters who need the experience of processing transactions in a financial system to confidently apply for jobs.

  • Promotion hunters

    Ideal for people with experience in an existing role but need a new experience to assistance with changing roles.

  • Business owners

    Ideal for businesses with new hire who need some basic training to help them get started in their new role.


How long is the course?

You have four weeks to complete the training program.

Is the course online?

Yes the course is online as a mixture of training videos, practice transactions for you to process and zoom meetings to answer questions.

How does it work?

After registration, you will be notified of the next start date.

You will be granted access to a training company account, training material and documentation to be processed during the training.

What is a mentor?

Mentors are finance professionals who provide support to students during the training course.

Invoice processing

Process supplier invoices and customer invoices

Process General Expenses

Manage accounts receivable and payables

Process customer returns and returns to suppliers

Process customer receipt, and supplier payments

Process purchase orders

Process goods receipt note

Process General Expenses

Inventory management

Understand the inventory management process

How to setup multiple types of inventory 

Set up product costing (Bill of Material)

Learn about pricing and how to manage sales


Learn how to do reconciliations

Understanding the Profit and Loss Report

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