Say goodbye to Excel struggles and manual calculations – our software track inventory, automate meal and product costing, manage supplier, customer and include cost accounting all as one business solution.

  • Save Time and Effort

    Focus on growing your business while Costbucket handles the complexities of calculating the cost of making or assembling products and inventory management in multiple locations

  • Reduce Cost & Improve Profit

    Eliminate costly human errors. Our software automatically recalculates the cost of products which improves on the costly mistake of incorrectly setting sales prices.

  • Automated accounting

    With each sale processed, Costbucket updates accounting records, sales tax, customer accounts, inventory and reports saying time and money on costly manual logging of receipts.

Monthly Software cost


(POS + cost accounting + inventory management + data analytics )

  • 2 User      US$ 29 
  • 3 Users     US$ 45 
  • 5 Users     US$ 75 
  • 7 Users     US$ 105 
  • 10 Users   US$ 149 
  • 15 Users   US$ 225 
  • 25 Users   US$ 375 

All-in-One Point of Sale, Inventory Management, and Cost Accounting

Automated Product Costing

Effortlessly calculate product costs without the hassle of manual Excel sheets. Costbucket automates the process, saving you time and ensuring accuracy

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Shipping Cost Integration

Never miss a detail. Costbucket adds shipping costs to your products, providing a comprehensive view of your expenses and ensuring your pricing strategies are accurate

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Integrated Supplier and Customer Management

Manage your relationships seamlessly. Keep track of your suppliers and customers, enhancing your business connections and ensuring smooth transactions

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  • Arnomac Grocery

    I'm pleased to write a positive review about Costbucket. It's been incredibly convenient and has great flexibility in managing my business. It's an easy recommendation for anyone who seeks growth in their business.

  • Leaf of Life

    Costbucket is a very user friendly POS system, not only it does the work for daily transaction, what I love about it is the flawless design of cost accounting system to help me track my inventory and cost, which gives me better and clearer understand on my financial. The Costbucket team also very professional and attentive, I am very satisfy with their system and support.

  • The16ounce restaurant

    I am the owner of the newly opened gourmet Burger restaurant and i purchase a costbucket pos for over 1 year before the restaurant was opened, Adrian and his team worked day and night to get my restaurant ready for opening. they even went as far as to go back and redo a completely new program that was tailored to fit the need of my unique business and even tho it had to be done from scratch they never once left me on my own. Even the night before my opening they were working with me to ensure i had a smooth start. I recommend that if you are looking to get a pos system for your business choose costbucket.

Gain insights at your fingertips. Costbucket automates sales processes and generates detailed reports, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and boost your profitability.

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Card Processing

Merchant account required to process card transactions. Our team will provide support with the application process get you started.