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What is the cost of Costbucket?

Software prices are $15 per user per month with discounts being available on annual packages.

What does the software include?

The software includes cost accounting, inventory management, supplier and customer management, data analytics, reports, the point of sale app for cash registers, and software support.

What is the credit card processing rate?

  • Merchant Account – processing rates are provided by our partner bank.  Rates are competitive and lower than processing via Stripe or Square.

  • Stripe rates 2.7% + 5c per transaction + Costbucket 10c application fee per transaction.  View stripe fees https://stripe.com/pricing

Do you process EBT cards?

EBT payments are not currently supported

What is a user?

Anyone with a username and password to log into the software

Does Costbucket track inventory in multiple locations?

Inventory is purchased, sold, managed, tracked, and reported by location.  Multiple locations are supported.

Does the POS support barcode scanners?

Barcode scanners are supported.

Does the POS have offline mode?

The POS supports offline transaction processing when the internet is off.   Once the internet returns the invoices processed are automatically synced with your Costbucket cloud account.

What POS platforms does Costbucket support?

Costbucket POS currently supports Android only.

What is the difference between Costbuckt POS and Costbucket Invoice app?

Cosbucket Invoice app is for mobile sales teams using an android mobile pos or android smartphone while Costbucket POS is used in store

How does Costbucket support restaurants and bakeries?

Costbucket product costing module can calculate the cost of each meal or baked good, and track all the inventory when purchased and sold.  It also automatically updates when new supplier invoices are processed

What support does Costbucket provide?

We ensure the software is working properly according to how it was designed.  If there any issues, our team is available 7 days per week to provide assistance

Which countries or markets is Costbucket available?

Costbucket is available for use in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean

What is the process to get started?

  • Create your Costbucket Account
  • Order POS hardware
  • Setup merchant account with Costbucket partner
  • Configure Costbucket account.  Add inventory categories, products, customers and suppliers
  • Setup Product Costing for made or assembled products if required

Is there a free trial?

Yes there is a 30-day free trial.

Can I use a windows based POS system with Costbucket?

Costbucket currently only supports Android POS platforms.

Can I use my own iPAD, printer and cash drawer as a POS system?

iOS (iPad and iPhone) is currently not supported.

Can I use my Android Tablet with Costbucket?

Costbucket POS should work with Android Tablets OS7 and above. Most Android tablets available in stores or online were not made for a commercial environment.

Will I be able to create purchase orders and receive products?

Our purchase order module is linked to the inventory management system. Easily create an order from a supplier and confirm receipt which at that time your inventory is updated

Does Costbucket support restaurant ordering online platforms?

We provide a restaurant ordering software separately from Costbucket platform.  A direct connection to Doordash, Uber Eats and other platforms is not available.

I make and assemble products, can Costbucket assemble them, track the components and cost of making my products?

The Bill of Material (BOM) module allows you to build, assemble, package or make products, track the components and cost of making a product.

Does the POS have a pin to restrict employees from deleting products from the cart?

PIN Management is available in Costbucket POS to restrict changing prices, providing refunds, discounts or editing the shopping cart.

Some of my sales are on credit, can I process the transaction and track outstanding debt?

Credit sales transactions are available by processing transactions as pay later.   These transactions will show the outstanding balance in the cost accounting software.

Does Costbucket track my sales tax liability?

Yes, each sale processed updates the tax report automatically.

Can we sell in multiple currencies?

This is available in the Android POS solution to convert the sale to any USD, GBP, CAN, EURO. You will be required to maintain your own FX Rates.

How often are the analytic reports updated?

The analytic reports are updated with each transaction processed.

How does the Samsung POS work?

Preferred a 10 inch Samsung POS with at OS 8 and higher.

You simply install Costbucket app on the tablet and register for an account. Once your account is configured online you are ready to start selling.

Sign Up Now: https://sms.costbucket.com/register.php