WhatsApp Ordering

Grow sales with an ordering solution that provide customers with a real time self checkout solution.

  • Customers order anytime
  • Confirm orders in WhatsApp
  • Orders automatically available on Costbucket POS
  • Build customer mailing list
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Customer Management

Build a mailing list of customers to provide marketing offers, discounts and coupons.

Monthy Software Cost

$19 / month

Price List

Provide customers with an automated price list that is easy for the business to manage by category and product with images.

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Customer Orders

Customers process orders with full view of the total cost including tax to avoid any surprises at checkout.

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Easily view the shopping cart to confirm the products on order and the tax charged.

Process payment by Stripe, Paypal or other online payment service.

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Confirm supply date

Customers have the option to confirm order for delivery or pickup.

WhatsApp Confirmation

Customers confirm their order with the business on WhatsApp.

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